Professional Standards

The Fire Department provides the highest standard of emergency response. Department is committed to excellence in every aspect of fire and life safety.


  • Fire suppression, minimize losses
  • Emergency medical response
  • Fire protection and evacuation
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Urban search and rescue

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Safe Net Scope

The scope of SAFENET “Designing, troubleshooting, maintenance, servicing, installation, rentals and commissioning of HVAC systems (all types of ducted, decorative, package, FCU, widow units ”chilled water piping and insulations, ducting both GI & PI, etc.) electrical works both lighting, power, DB’s, SMDB’s, MDB’S an d capacitor’s bank etc.), fire alarm and firefighting systems, fire pumps, emergency and exit lighting, Fm-200 system, deluge, etc. water supply and drainage systems.


Quality has always been a prime focus of Safenet operations. It has always invested in the area where ever there is even a bleak chance of improvement in quality services. Starting from the selection of trained and professional and purchase of state or the art equipment, access to latest technological development s and standards – to continuous trainings and workshops to train our professional staff, Safenet has turned every stone to make our installation quicker, safer and economical. Now we are happy to say that we have all the resources available to fulfill your business needs in a more professional manner. We have strong back office operational staff to handle the day to day matters of on-going projects (like coordination with project teams and clients, Material management, work force management, reporting, handling customer complaints and requirements etc.

What People Are Saying

My grandma was saved in a terrible fire. She has instilled in me the belief that those who risk their lives should be thanked, even if they have not done anything to help me.

Ahmad Abuoun

Al Quasis, UAE

Once the firefighters put down the fire in our house. I want to tell them Thank you for saving our lives and the house. I can’t wait to be a firefighter when I grow up.

David Roseman

Sharjah, UAE

I couldn’t say any word when i saw what these brave men do! I was impressed that these people don’t do it for the money, they do it for the love for the profession.

Rober Hoffman

Dubai, UAE

I went to a small store to purchase some groceries, suddenly the fire alarm started and everyone panicked. I got so scared, But the smoke detectors installed by Safe Net saved us.


Palm Deira, UAE